Aluminium acoustic panels

The panels are covered with special paint, anti-graffiti type. It is used to protect the panel structure from dirt and external climate exposure as well.

Our aluminium panels are available in the following variants:

  • unilaterally sound-absorbing aluminium panel GRAVITY PA1P09
  • unilaterally sound-absorbing aluminium panel GRAVITY PA1P10
  • unilaterally sound-absorbing aluminium panel GRAVITY PA12P08
  • bilaterally sound-absorbing aluminium panel GRAVITY PA2P08

The acoustic screens are used wherever noise reduction is required.

These structures, made of aluminium, are intended to:
absorb the sound, diffuse the sound, make the sound wave diffract on their upper edge. All this to protect people in areas exposed to the noise emitted in the most common cases by passing cars.

Screens made of aluminium panels GRAVITY, not only guarantee high functionality, but they also provide the desired aesthetic appearance. Aluminium profiled sheeting is corrosion-resistant sheet and its modular form enables quick and reliable assembly. Our aluminium panels are offered in a few variants to better adjust each time the required type of assembly to specific conditions.