Transparent panels

Our transparent panels are based on various types of aluminium profiles. In order to fill the structure we use materials such as:

  • toughened glass having high resistance against mechanical damage and sudden temperature changes;
  • laminated safety glass which does not fracture into fragments, made by combining layers of flat glass with a binding material (resin, film or wire);
  • plexiglass - plastic of high hardness and durability
  • solid polycarbonate - polymer plastic materials lighter than glass, of a similar transparency and much higher resistance against mechanical damage;

Starting materials used in production of transparent panels guarantee their resistance to external agents and allow their long-term use. We manufacture panels in a wide range of colours (RAL palette). There is also a possibility to place a pattern, print, avifauna safety strips on our panels.

Transparent acoustic panels not only fully absorb sounds emitted by vehicles travelling on express roads but also, due to their transparency, they prevent from forming a visual barrier. In this way, elements of the urban landscape are visible, which in case of traditional screens could be obscured. The advantages of transparent panels shall be appreciated by residents of suburban areas, as well. Frequently, housing premises located along expressways are screened off not only from the noise but also from the sunlight. In case of transparent panels there is no such risk. In addition, the glass panels are UVA- and corrosion-resistant (their skeleton structure is coated with zinc).